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Daizy exists because we know people care about more than just performance.

Daizy exists because we know people care about more than just performance.

“I care about the sustainability of stocks.”

Number 1 for sustainability analysis.

Tesla climate impact

“I want to understand my investment risk better.”

Great visual risk insight.

Portfolio risk

“I also invest in cryptos and want to learn more.”

Unique crypto data.

Bitcoin risk reward scatter

A more complete picture of your portfolio.

Because we know people care about more than just simple performance metrics…

Daizy Portfolio
Daizy risk

Clearly see your investment risk.

Leave the jargon on Wall St.

I created a small dummy portfolio to test this. As soon as I started flicking through the app, I immediately wanted an ESG rating for my entire portfolio. For something that I care about - Climate Transition - this is brass tacks. My financial advisors should be painting this picture in our quarterly reviews!

iOS User

True sustainability insight.

Understand the impact of your investments.

Daizy climate impact
Daizy social sentiment

Social Sentiment analysis

What’s the mood like on social media?

A small selection of Daizy features…


  • Manual portfolio creation
  • Live broker support via Plaid
  • Watchlist support
  • Unlimited number of portfolios
  • Performance analysis
  • Sector allocation analysis
  • Asset allocation analysis
  • Portfolio level risk
  • Portfolio level ESG
  • Portfolio level social sentiment
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Portfolio level ‘Take the Red Pill’


  • US stocks supported
  • US ETFs supported
  • Top 200 cryptos
  • Fundamental stats
  • Price movement alerts
  • Trending alerts
  • Earnings alerts
  • News
  • Performance
  • Risk
  • ESG
  • Social sentiment
  • Asset level ‘Take the Red Pill’


  • ESG scores
  • Climate impact
  • Carbon emissions
  • Emissions sources
  • Women on the board
  • Controversial news
  • Water usage
  • Health and safety data
  • ESG badges
  • SDG alignment
  • Corporate ‘nutrition’
  • Morality scorecard
  • Negative impacts


  • Volatility Vs S&P500
  • Value at Risk (VaR)
  • Maximum drawdown
  • Correlation analysis
  • Capture ratio
  • Worst stock analysis
  • Worst sector analysis

Daizy. For people who do more than copy trades.


Driven by a collective demand for centralized institutions to relinquish control of the technology and data essential to society. We see this shift particularly in the financial industry.People are losing trust in financial institutions, and 80% of millennials will fire their parents’ financial advisor. And hence, the explosion of deFi, Blockchain and Web3.

This is where the DAIZY dream was born. People want transparency and technology driven solutions to take control of their financial wellbeing. However, the tools, the data, and the content are held closely by the institutions.

Daizy is set to revolutionize this world by becoming the investment insights provider and advisor people want, giving them all the tech-driven tools necessary to take matters into their own hands, and the advice to make sure they have better outcomes.

Our dream is to build the most advanced AI enabled analytics and infographics, as well as the most advanced NLP chatbot, all provided through a beautiful App, and we are well on our way to fulfilling this dream.

Launched in April 2021, and updated almost every month since, the Award-winning App* has already delivered over 500,000 infographics in a month on traditional and web3 asset classes to over 25,000 users, and 7,000 portfolio users.

What’s more, Daizy’s unique insights have caught the attention of investing platforms through our API. We are just beginning this exciting journey to bring the most advanced Web3 technology and transforming the world of investing. And we can’t wait for you to join us!

* Awarded ‘Best AI-enabled sustainable investment platform’ in the Wealth & Finance Int’l FinTech Awards 2021

Informed Investing

Align your investment goals with your values.