Daizy Partnership. Making investment transparency simple for everyone.

The Daizy API is the simplest way to get professional grade investment analysis visualizations into your platform. Quickly add unique analysis with a simple API call and show your users performance, risk, ESG, and impact analysis like never before.

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  • Historical performance
  • Earnings data
  • Best and worst performers
  • Up and down days
  • $ Allocation charts
  • Risk Vs Return heat maps
  • Maximum drawdown (loss)
  • Asset correlations
  • Capture ratios
  • Value at Risk
  • ESG scores
  • Climate impact
  • Carbon analysis
  • Female leaders
  • Corporate nutrition
  • Daily social sentiment scores
  • Trend analysis
  • Sentiment volumes
  • Analyst ratings
  • Crypto sentiment coming soon
Accelerate user acquisition
Improve user engagement
Focus on your core capabilities
Rapid go-to-market
Leapfrog the market

Our infographics are more than just charts.

They help you tell a story, an essential part of engaging with users. We have decades of experience in this space and have made all this available via our API. Our engine is super flexible, taking data from many data sources. It is our engine, we’ve purposefully built it for the massive volumes in the retail market.

Bitcoin maximum loss
Bitcoin risk

Use Case:

Retail Investors - Get the crypto narrative

Use the DAIZY API to get the complete narrative behind crypto assets. Understand maximum drawdown and $$ amount at risk on over 200+ digital assets. See how digital assets compare to US stocks, e.g. Compare BTC and Tesla for performance and risk.

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Private Clients - Enhancing client portals and increasing engagement

Add beautiful graphics that immediately tell a deeper story about US stocks, ETFs and crypto assets. Seamlessly integrate into your existing portal to make the client journey smoother. Enhance your portal to become a sales tool for winning new clients.


Retail Investors - Company deep dives

Offer your users greater insights into US equities, ETFs and cryptos. Provide the up-to-date narrative including ESG, risk and sentiment.

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Retail Investors - Holistic portfolio analysis

Give your users the complete picture by providing transparency into what risk is being taken, where, and for what result. Understand each holding within the portfolio, how they compare and contribute to the whole.

Every month our API Content grows and improves ...and you get the benefit.

With over 20,000 users engaging with our content for over 13 minutes per session, we’re learning what people want to see. You’ll get all the latest content, without changing a line of code.

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