About Us

Our mission is to empower investors to make more knowledgeable investment decisions.
Our dream is to democratize the tools of the investment trade: to bring useful investing insights and transparency to everyone by translating Wall Street jargon for all investors.
Our app addresses all investors—from Redditors to Bloomberg terminal users—and finally unlocks the mysteries of risk, performance, sustainability, corporate governance, and so much more.
Our community of users continues to grow. We’re currently in Beta.
Our service is enhanced by our unique, AI-enabled financial technology service, offering real-time content curated just for you. We work tirelessly leveraging our expertise to offer consequential insights and data. Putting it another way, you just bought your first chess set, let us show you how to move the pieces.
Our team is an innovative group of experts in fintech, sustainability, ESG, investment risk, AI analytics, data visualization, and so much more.

Daizy is an AI that tells you the data-driven stories behind every big company in America (oh, and cryptos too).  If you buy stocks and shares, Daizy will change the way you see things. If you don’t already invest, Daizy is a great place for you to start learning.  Impact, Risk, Social Scores, Environmental issues, governance (like what’s % of the board is women?), sustainability, ESG…. And we are just getting going.

Simply put, Daizy will tell you the stuff that you really should have known if only you had access to the data and processing power.  Our logo is a flower with broken petal.  The world we live in is on edge.  Despite the enormous challenges, we are collecting and sharing some of the most critical data and research on how companies conduct themselves in these fragile times.

This project is a passion project and we are part of the battle to raise awareness in this changing world.  So we genuinely hope that you learn and grow from this app.Every time you buy a stock, it is a vote of support for the company or crypto you’re investing in. Your dollars, therefore, have the power to bring change and drive returns.  Together, if we all invest just a few dollars differently, we bring some positive change through the market mechanism. Take GameStop as an example.

Are you investing your hard-earned money into companies that align with your personal values?

Our goal is to democratize investments.  We aim to achieve it by giving you access to the world’s best data and algorithms.  With the movement to self-directed, zero dollar trading, you need this more than ever.

Real-time, personalized financial data tracking.

Real-time performance and risk insights through AI based playlists.

Sustainable Investing: ESG-focused stock and portfolio insights including unique proprietary content.

Risk management: Risk insight such as VAR, volatility, diversification, ESG risks including at the portfolio level.

Social media and sentiment indices: AI-based social chat; sharing valuable content.

Behind Daizy are the world’s top minds in ESG, portfolio analytics, reporting, alternative data, complex data visualization, investment risk, and AI analytics. We are all connected by the desire to use our lifetime of financial skills for the good of the environmental and social challenges ahead.

Change is coming to the investment world, and we hope to help you (and ourselves) on that journey.